38 Weeks

January_09__2015_at_1014PM I am shocked – shocked! – that I have made it to 38 weeks. I mean really! At this point with Jude, he was already 1 month old and home from the NICU. So here we are, and D-day is just around the corner. This past week at my appointment we went ahead and scheduled my c-section for Monday(!).

A few things for my own memories —

Eating/Craving: banana pudding. Because why stop now? It’s been my pregnancy craving of choice.

Nesting: This early maternity leave business has left me a bit adrift. I MISS WORK. But it has given me the opportunity to nest like crazy. I’ve washed everything, folded all the laundry, rearranged closets, drawers, moved furniture, you name it. Move stuff up and down the stairs?! Only a crazy 9 month pregnant woman would do such things. Ahem.

Shopping: speaking of irrational pregnant woman behavior, I found myself at the mall the other day trying on non-maternity clothes. Because that makes SO much sense, doesn’t it?

Pampering: I finally went and got a prenatal massage and it was heavenly. I felt like an absolute giant but it was an hour and a half of pure heaven.

Contracting: nightly. Which is so frustrating because they appear to go nowhere. I feel like I’m carrying a bowling ball in between my legs.

Bingeing: In all my taking-it-easy these last few days, I’m bingeing on two things: naps and Netflix. My current obsession is “Call the Midwife”. And also naps. All the naps. If I could bank sleep, I would be a millionaire.

Loving: on Friday I took lunch to Jude at school, and the entire class sang a sweet rendition of “Happy Almost Birthday” to the baby in my belly. Beyond precious. Love that little first grade class of his.

Not loving: my puffy feet and entire maternity wardrobe.

Finally, I’m happy to report from a medical perspective a note of encouragement for any fellow jpouch/ulcerative colitis girls out there. I was so worried about how my scars from my surgeries would react to all the belly growth, as well as how my pregnancy itself would be affected by the pouch. It’s honestly been smooth sailing with zero issues from the pouch; increased frequency (erm, bathroom breaks) has been the biggest “issue.” And my scars actually look way better than I ever would have expected. Blessings all the way around. My OB has been fantastic and wanted to go ahead w/ the csection sooner rather than later and I’m glad for it.



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