What to do when you’re in a style rut

Stuck in a fashion rut? Looking to refresh your sense of style? I've so been there. Let's chat.

I find that my overall interest in any facet of design – be it fashion, interiors, or print – runs cyclically. Currently I’m up to my eyeballs in interiors thanks to the lake house, and my interest in fashion has been pretty low. Frankly I’m feeling way more inspired by interiors and print right now than I am by clothes.

And consequently lately I feel like I’ve kind of lost my style mojo. Part of the problem is this: I am not loving anything I see out there right now in stores or elsewhere. Which led me to the next realization: I’ve become way too accustomed to the idea of disposable fashion (Target and Old Navy both suck away my money every single time) and buying new things all the time just for the sake of “new”. What about all those great pieces that I already have? <— first world problems, by the way, am I right?

Here’s how I’m working on getting my style mojo back and being more intentional about what I already have.

1. Don’t look to current trends to fill your style cup. Relying on only current store offerings doesn’t equate to having personal style. What will you do when your favorite store stops designing stuff you like?   While maybe a year or two ago I wanted to buy everything in the J.Crew catalog, I’m barely able to raise an eyebrow at current store offerings (don’t get me started on alienating a core customer – that’s a separate post. I’m looking at you, J.Crew).

2. Know your shape and how to dress it.  Find the designers that cater to your shape. Right now J.Crew is in a total Jenna Lyons stage (read: long and lean with no hips or butt) – there is next to nothing there in the way of pants or skirts that is friendly to a pear-shaped figure.  And as much as I love the Crew, I’m not loving what they’re putting out right now. In contrast, Boden is killin’ it for me with their current spring items. Lots of preppy skirts and dresses, and their pants fit perfectly on my frame. YES.

3. Buy quality items that really speak to you and buy fewer well-made items instead of lots of cheap things. I don’t feel amazing in cheap clothes from Target (with a few exceptions).  Enough said.

3. Go back to the basics.  What do I already have that makes me feel like a million bucks?  What can I throw on without even thinking about it, and still feel my absolute best? The answer for me is always an a-line skirt and a fitted top, preferably v-neck.  It goes back to buying quality items that will last a long time, that really speak to you.  If you look at my Pinterest personal style board, the answer is totally there. It’s a look that works for me, and is classic regardless of the current trend forecast. Wearing clothes that make you look amazing never goes out of style.

Right now I’m climbing out of my style rut by dressing up every single day. No more lazy jeans and t-shirt. Skirts, dresses, jewelry – I feel my best when I’m put together and slightly dressy. So I’m making an effort to put some thought into how I present myself. Because when I look better, I feel better. Plain and simple.

Are you ever in a style rut? I’d love to hear how you’ve conquered it.

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