Dressing for where you are now

On Friday night all 3 of us wandered around the mall in hopes to get this baby dropped and get labor going. I’ll be honest – I MISS SHOPPING for my regular non-pregnant self!  And I told Simon that I’ve already got my shopping game plan in order once this baby arrives. He grinned. “Oh, don’t think I don’t know it,” he laughed.

To me, personal style is a lot about how I feel about myself. And while I wasn’t as much of a miserable pregnant woman this go around as I was with Jude (talk about an emotional rollercoaster – I was a hot mess!), I still haven’t felt on my A-game when it comes to dressing the bump. Hence the total lack of any kind of posts on maternity style!

But now that the end is in sight (one week?!), I’m gearing up for my return to The Real Me.  I hold no big dream of returning to my pre-baby size overnight, but I do know from experience both with Jude and with having my jpouch surgeries that you have to dress your body for how it is NOW – not how you wish it was or plan it to be.

The hardest part of pregnancy was not knowing how to dress the new shape I was sporting. I’m a pro at dressing my non-pregnant self. I know what works on my pear shape and I can rock it. But transforming into a top-heavy shape while still having a booty and hips was a real challenge. Keeping the proper visual proportion was really difficult because I couldn’t rely on my go-to full skirts. So transitioning from this for me this means getting out of the yoga pants and leggings I’ve been sporting for the past 9 months and back into a-line skirts, dresses, and form-fitting tops on my smaller bust.

As always, I find it immensely helpful to re-reference my personal style board on Pinterest. It helps keep me on track and not stray too much when planning what to buy to round out my wardrobe.  And I’ve already got my eye on a few pretty pieces from Boden (OMG THE DRESSES).

What did you find most challenging about postpartum style?

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