Birthday flowers from Mr Shingleton -

This weekend marked my thirty-third birthday, which my mother kindly noted was the same age that Jesus was when he died. Um, great? (Mom, I knew what you meant. hehe)  My parents met me for coffee at Elemental and then mom and I went on a little shopping spree. Can I just tell you she is the best ever? She took me out and bought me all new underwear. I cannot tell you the last time I bought new undies (TMI, right?) that weren’t from the bin at Target, grabbed quickly on my way to get a gallon of milk. Real legit grownup pretty unders – and ones that I won’t let the dogs snatch out of the laundry. (Mom, I can’t say thank you enough.) I then came home and promptly threw out every last pair of old underpinnings. It was fantastic. I can’t recommend this enough.

Lobby of the Ambassador Hotel in Oklahoma City -

But to further the awesomeness of the day, Simon took me on a staycation – we had dinner at Red Prime in downtown OKC and then spent the night in the newly opened Ambassador Hotel in Midtown.  The poopies were left to their own devices confined to the kitchen with a pile of dog food, and Jude was at Simon’s parents’ house. They even took him to his soccer game on Saturday!  We got to sleep in and have a leisurely coffee and breakfast – heaven! In Midtown! And I didn’t have to prepare it nor did I have to argue with anyone  (erm, JUDE) about what to eat! This is what is called a win-win situation.

Ghost chair in front of campaign dresser used as TV stand -

To further matters, these two lovelies came home to live at our house too, courtesy of Mr Magnificent Shingleton. (Was it all that new non-granny underwear???

)April_30__2014_at_0852PMSo all in all, the photo above sums it pretty well. Here’s to a happy thirty-third year.

Now go out and buy you some new unders. You won’t regret it. hehe



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