Birthday Recap

A special story today – a recap of a birthday surprise!

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When your husband comes home on a Sunday evening and tells you to pack your bags because you’re not staying there tonight, it’s probably a good indicator of your marriage as to how you react.  Just kidding. 🙂  In my case, I literally squealed because I knew Simon had something good up his sleeve. And oh, it was so so good.

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After dropping Jude off at my parents’ and making numerous guesses as to the final destination, we found ourselves at the insanely gorgeous and historic Skirvin Hotel.  For most of my life, the poor Skirvin sat sad and neglected, completely boarded up.  Only within the last ten years has it been brought back to its former glory, and glorious it is indeed.

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Architecturally stunning, the room we got was an enormous suite, complete with ginormous living room and equally large bedroom.




The details are so lavish – these are the elevator banks and original letter drop box. Look at that cloverleaf design. Gorgeous.


What birthday is complete without cake, I ask you?  Pinkitzel is my favorite cupcake in town.



Yes. I had two. It was my birthday, ok?

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All in all, a spectacularly memorable weekend.  I love surprises and I love Simon for knowing just what would make my day feel special.  We luxuriated in bed til 10:30am and had a leisurely coffee break at Starbucks before heading back into reality.  But wait, did I show you my final surprise? Oh boy!

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Yup, Simon – you win Husband of the Year!  LOVE YOU!

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