Teacher Appreciation Contest


Do you ever get the feeling like you’re supposed to do something big? Something really awesome? Something using your talents to help other people out? I’ve had this nagging feeling but I didn’t really know what it is specifically that I could do. At a lunch date with a girlfriend, she point blank asked me, “Well, what is it that you feel like God is asking you to do?’  I shook my head. No idea. All I know is that I love color, surprises, and encouraging people.

And then a couple weeks ago in a weird turn of events,  I was watching Ellen, which I almost never do.  They were celebrating her 1800th show and showed a montage of all these amazing ways they’ve given away things to people. I mean really cool stuff – vans for mobile libraries, that sort of thing. And I just absolutely loved it. I sat there with a big goofy grin because I could feel the joy she had in surprising all these people with something really cool.

So here’s the deal. I don’t have a car to give away. I can’t swing giving away a big trip (although I would LOVE to make both of those things happen!). But I do have access to a ton of paper products and fun office supplies and i’d like to think that in some way Pencil Shavings Studio can bring joy to someone.  So in honor of national teacher appreciation week (we’re celebrating at J’s school all week long!), I would like to totally rock one special teacher’s socks off with a whole lotta paper goods. Notepads, spiralbound notebooks, binders, pencils, and more – I want one special teacher to be spoiled rotten with a great big box full of pretty paper. Because teachers deserve to be spoiled. These people are SPECIAL. And they’re loving on our babies every single day, teaching them big things. Giving them big ideas.

So here’s where you come in. I need you to tell me all about the teacher you think deserves this. Give me all the nitty gritty details in the comments and don’t forget to include your email address so I can get in contact with you. Share it with your friends on the good ol’ FB, Twitter, Instagram, whatever – I want everyone to have the opportunity to nominate someone awesome!  I’m going to keep this open til Friday. And then I’ll work with the person who nominated the teacher to get them their special box of awesomeness.