Here and there


In the past couple of weeks since spring break, we’ve been on what feels like a total lightspeed journey from winter into spring. All of a sudden it’s April, and I’m less than a month away from turning 33. Which for some reason kind of makes me feel weird, but whatever.


Jude stayed home from school on Thursday due to a fantastically raging cough which then led to middle-of-the-night projectile puking. I have very little recollection of that night – at one point I stumbled upstairs and got into his bed because he had completely taken up my side of the bed in our room. In true middle-of-the-night stupor, I didn’t really think too hard about it and then realized the next morning that I may or may not have been sleeping in puke. Then at 4am, Simon stumbles upstairs to find me because the poor child is puking again. Which meant that we changed the sheets on our bed in another stupor. And then he puked some more. This time, though, we just ended up putting a towel down because we were out of sheets.

THIS IS WHAT MOTHERHOOD IS, YOU GUYS. It ain’t pretty. It also meant we had to forego his spring music program, which makes me sad. But i was desperate to avoid a repeat of this situation


But aside from throwing up and all that fun stuff, we’re already 3/4 of the way through Jude’s kindergarten year, and it kind of slays me. He has had such a special teacher this year, and I think my heart almost burst the other night when he read me an entire Dr. Seuss book all by himself. (Halfway through the book he heaved a deep sigh and said, “I sure hope I get some money for doin’ this!” Wait, what?) Three days later, he decided to stop using the training wheels on his bike and took off like a big kid as if he’d been doing it his whole life.  Simon and I were in awe. You know, no big deal – any given Sunday before church. Learning how to ride a bike.

Regardless, I’m ready for summer because like Jen Hatmaker’s fabulous post, I have become the worst end of school year mom ever. I am so.over.this.  The Friday before Spring Break was Mother Goose Day at school and the children were supposed to show up in their favorite nursery rhyme character regalia. NO NO NO NO NO. You guys, I just couldn’t even deal.  So I used the excuse (ermm, to myself?) that Jude needed a haircut and therefore absolutely could not go to school that day. Because haircuts take ALL DAY LONG AT SUPERCUTS (no they don’t).  Totally understandable.


In other news:

Cooper House is working on a new site for me! Yippee! It looks ah-mazing, and I cannot wait to show you. They are internet wizards, you guys.

Remember, you can take 20% off all paper goods in the shop through tonight at midnight with code APRILSHOWERS.

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Can I be honest? I’m totally jonesing for a pair of these Birkenstocks. I KNOW. My inner hippie is coming out. But then there’s these (holy price tag, Batman!) that I think are kind of amazing too. HEHE

Jenny Prinn’s art is so gorgeous.


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