Sicky Sick Sick

A sick day - or two or threeWell, not even a solid two weeks into the school year, and Jude has been home for two days sick from school. I really thought that maybe he was trying to get out of going on Monday morning.

Jude, pitifully and conspiratorially: “I need you to know something, Mom. I have been sick for five whole days.”

Me, skeptical: “Oh really. Okay then. You’re not running a fever, and you’re not throwing up so you’re going to school.”

I’ll give you one guess as to how that panned out. Fast forward to the lunch hour Monday when I get a call from school. “Jude’s running a fever. Can you come get him?”  And in the hours since then, he’s run a few fevers, thrown up a bit, and been generally miserable.

So sometimes things just don’t go as you plan, you know?  I finally made him go back to school this morning since he’s no longer running a fever.  But now both Simon and I are sick too, which is doubly sucky because pregnant women can’t even take the good cold meds. Thank goodness Simon went to the grocery store for us last night!

I plan on spending the day in bed with Simon (which sounds far more sexy/romantic than it’s really going to be haha) looking up baby names (just found one site that recommended the name Flambeau – what?) and making nursery mood boards.


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