DIY: Gold Painted Easter Eggs


Painted gold easter eggs - easter eggs with kids -

Dyeing Easter eggs  is something I look forward to every single spring. It’s such a happy little ritual!  But this year I wanted to try something a little different: I completely ignored those little Paas egg dye packages at Target, and headed straight for the art section at Michael’s. With a handful of acrylic paints, a gold paint pen, and some cheapo brushes, I sat down to make some fun artistic designs. And voila – gold painted easter eggs.

Painted gold easter eggs - supplies - #diy - easter eggs with kids -

I did a few different techniques to get the look. The polka dot painted easter eggs were done with good ol’ school grade reinforcements. I also used masking tape to get the lines super straight on a couple of them too. Quick tip: if you do either of these, make sure your eggs aren’t cold. I took the eggs straight out of the fridge, and the adhesive didn’t want to cooperate due to the tiny bit of condensation building up on the eggs. So allow your eggs to be at room temperature.

The gold paint pen dries about as quickly as a Sharpie. Use straight strokes to achieve the best result.


Acrylic paint takes longer than traditional dye to dry, and is significantly messier. I finally threw caution to the wind and played around with the designs after getting frustrated with the more linear patterns I was working on. Rolling the eggs in paper towels covered in paint also gave some really cool texture to them. And I love the way the abstract ones turned out too.

Painted gold easter eggs - easter eggs with kids -

Painted gold easter eggs - easter eggs with kids -

Painted gold easter eggs - easter eggs with kids -

Do you have any fun traditions for Easter at your house?

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