Alt for Everyone


You’re probably (?) well aware that I’m a huge believer in conferences and events that nurture your career/passions/etc – big stuff happens when you put yourself out there and show up to stuff.  Altitude Summit is probably my most favorite design and blogging-related event that I attend, and I can’t wait until January 2014 for the Salt Lake City version. It’s seriously my Christmas, you guys.

But in the meantime, you can get your fix no matter where you are by signing up for Alt for Everyone, an online 3-day conference that covers much of the same content that SLC does.  I was asked to lead a session on Branding so I’ll be speaking on Friday, September 27th at 9:00am CST and I’d be thrilled to pieces to have you there!  You can check out the rest of the schedule here – there’s some fantastic content by some of my favorite creatives out there.

As I’m prepping for my talk, I’m cognizant of the fact that we toss the word “branding” around a LOT in the blogosphere these days, but it seems like nobody’s really talking about how to do it – or much less, even what it is. My goal is to help you figure out who YOU are – because branding is so much more than a logo.  I’m curious – what is it that you want to know about branding? What stumps you about it?

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