More Denim for the Curvy Girl


Intrepid denim shoppers, I have a post for you!  One of the most popular posts ever here at PSS is my roundup of my favorite skinny jeans for the curvy girl so I thought it was high time for an update for some more of my favorite denim picks.  I’m a total jean junkie – I wear them almost every single day, and I love how they are easily dressed up or down with the right accessories, not to mention the shoes.  OH THE SHOES.

Jeans work well for my lifestyle as a mom, but they allow me to still express my  preppy I-like-to-be-dressed-up outlook. They’re relatively low maintenance when it comes to laundry, and they come in a variety of price points. And we all know how I hate the laundry. Don’t even get me started on Simon’s high-maintenance polos that need to be removed from the dryer mere moments after being tossed about like the precious little pieces of fabric that they are. YES POLOS.  ::sobs::  I just can’t deal.

Which leads me to my next thought  (TANGENT ALERT) — I’m thinking about doing a series on items that represent my personal style, as well as digging deeper into defining personal style. Is that something you’d be interested in hearing about? Comment below and let me know.  All right! On to the denim.


Paige Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Boyfriends.
Before you freak out on me about the whole boyfriend jean trend, let’s get one thing straight. I am not a fan of baggy boyfriend jeans. This is a really difficult trend to pull off. After seeing these jeans on a style blogger I liked, I ordered a pair in my regular size and they were ENORMOUS.But I could tell that the fit was going to work on me if I sized down a size (which NEVER happens – I’m ALWAYS a 32 in every denim brand) because my butt looked AH-MAZING.  So, after a little back-and-forth with Zappos, I finally had the correct pair and I was in love. Plus, I really loved that they were a slim, streamlined fit, but they’re totally convertible.  I love that I can roll them up boyfriend-style, but that they also look great if I leave them  down as they’re really a perfect straight fit jean.  A win-win all the way around. And again with the amazing butt on these jeans. Paige really does make your rear look fantastic.

What I wear with the Jimmy Jimmy skinny boyfriends: striped tshirts, structured blazers, and smoking loafers (my favorite flat for fall).


AG Ballad Slim Bootcut.
So you’re wanting something other than a skinny jean, but you don’t want to head into flared denim territory. I get that. And so does AG. I just picked up the AG Ballad slim bootcut jeans from Anthropologie in NYC last week, and I’m in love. They’re bootcut enough that they flatter my curvy behind, but they’re still slim enough in the leg to feel like a more modern update on a traditional jean. This look can still be on-trend and fresh. The denim is a heavier weight and a nice dark rinse, but with a fair amount of stretch to keep them comfy.

What I wear with them: button-down shirts, v-neck sweaters, pointy heels, or wedges.



Gap 1969 Always Skinny Skimmer
Sometimes you want a slim jean that’s the perfect crop, and I found mine at the Gap. (Mine are the non-polka dot version, but the same fit as these shown above.) I’ll be totally honest – I rarely ever buy jeans at the Gap because they give me the dreaded smoosh butt. In other words, they do absolutely nothing to create a flattering rear end. So I was really shocked when these actually worked on me. I love the look of the J.Crew toothpick jeans, but they don’t work on me at all – these were the next best thing for me, and at a great price point (although for those of you who love Paige denim, you might love the Kylie crop – they are AWESOME).  And I noticed the other day that Gap just came out with these polka dot ones that I can’t wait to try. So so cute.

What I wear them with: tailored sweatshirts, oxford button downs, long cardigans tunics, ballet flats, heels, you name it.


Old Navy Rockstar denim leggings.
Now that it’s fall, it’s time for sweaters, boots, and skinny jeans tucked into those boots. The Rockstars are the perfect jean for this – the price is unbeatable, and there are a ton of different washes to choose from.  No, they won’t last forever, but you knew that when you walked into Old Navy, right? Regardless, this is a look that begs to be layered, so cover that booty – these are cut so slim that you should always consider the proportion of this look. Blousy on top, skinny on the bottom.

What I wear them with: long layered cardigans, flowy tank tops, scarves, boots.

Got any great recommendations? I always love hearing other favorites — and don’t forget to let me know in the comments about a personal style series!

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