Week In Review

Happy Friday, loveliers.  Is it snowing where you are? We keep getting brief bursts of wintry weather and a healthy dash of ice to keep you on your toes. Erm, sometimes literally, unfortunately.

We’re glad to have Simon back home after his trip to a real estate conference. It was the longest. week. ever, you guys. My hormones have been wackadoo what with all the dang fertility drugs (i hate you almost as much as I hate prednisone) and on top of that, Jude was sick with a nasty cough. I accomplished nada other than making sure we both were clothed, fed, and had food in our tummies.  In short, I’ve been discouraged.

But it’s time to pick myself up by my bootstraps because there’s a lot to look forward to. Despite the snow, I have spring fever, and I’m ready for our upcoming (early) spring break.  Additionally, the new spring launch for patterns and products will be rolling out over the next few weeks. I just got in a few samples of new goodies and I LOVE how they turned out. Those gemstones?  Yup – pretty much my most favorite thing evah.

I’m excited to include these hardshell iPad cases (for iPad 2/3/4 and mini) in my product lineup. I’ve wanted these for a long time and they’re difficult to come by. But they are finally here and I love how they feel. So now we have two options for you guys – some will want the more booklike look of the fabric iPad cases and others will like the hardshell version that are very similar to the iPhone cases.

Finally, a few links into the weekend —–

Elsewhere online, I was happy to be a guest poster at Brooklyn Bride answering the question, “How did you bring meaning into your wedding?”

Are you an Alfred Hitchcock fan? We watched this movie the other night and really enjoyed it. Now I need to rent Rear Window & North by Northwest again soon.  Hopefully we’ll catch up on Argo and a few other flicks via the Apple TV. Oh, and Wreck it Ralph is our new fave kid movie. Super clever.

Dying over this super cute skirt at Asos.  I also have my eye on this Rachel Pally one as it would be super versatile through spring and summer.

Since we’re going on a cruise, wouldn’t these be appropriate?

This is a fun way to elevate the humble file cabinet.

An easy monogram DIY.


Happy weekend, tout le monde!

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