Week in Review

Another week has flown by; can someone please get me a few more hours for each day? Please and thank you.

We finally got our first “big” snow of the winter season, and gosh, it was a pretty one. Big heavy flakes fell all day long. Unfortunately it didn’t last terribly long, just long enough for all the kids everywhere to go nuts at school and make some giant snowmen before it all melted the next day.

Because I’m crazy, I went out in the heavy wet snow to pick up these lovelies at Target:

You know how you see something and you think, “ooh, I should so buy that.” But then you exercise self control. You say no, let me think about it. Well, that’s what I did and then I have regretted it ever since. I have been wanting a pair of X-benches since the dawn of time, but they’re always so expensive, upwards of at least $150 per bench. When I saw these at Target for $60 apiece, I nearly laid down in the aisle right there and had a  moment. But no, friends, I restrained myself, got back in my car and drove away. Which led me to go in the crazy snowstorm nearly a week later to pick them up, praying they’d still be there. And sure enough, there was 1 – so I begged the poor frazzled customer service chick behind the counter to please go find me another one in the back room. Et voila! Coral x-benches, for the win. I imagine once I get tired of the coral, I’ll have them redone in something else, but even still – they were a steal.  I can’t find them online for some reason, so you might check around at different Targets in your area. The main one by my house didn’t have them, but another one did. Oh, and gird your wallets – there’s a TON of cute home decor items there right now.

Elsewhere, I’ve been busily working away on new designs for spring. I cannot WAIT to show you all the fun new stuff I’ve got up my sleeve!  For those of you on Instagram, you’ve been seeing sneak peeks here and there.

Valentine’s Day was a low key affair; I was scurrying about town from school to the grocery store to home and then had a quick interview with Monica Lee of Smart Creative Women (I LOVE HER!). Then Jude’s big V-Day treat was to go to Build a Bear after school. Finally that night, I got takeout from one of our favorite restaurants and we hung out at home all together on the couch eating Godiva chocolate. Just the way I like it. 🙂

We’ll lay low this weekend while Simon goes to his version of Alt Summit down in Texas. What are your big plans for the weekend?



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  • Hanah

    By the time I went back to Target to get the benches after holding off on them, they were gone! and there is no stock at all and they’re not available online. Great buy!

  • I’m just popping in after seeing your interview over on Monica Lee’s site 🙂 and I HAD to chime in here because I saw those coral x-benches at my local Target and had the exact same reaction – a STEAL! To die for! And yet I didn’t get them, and I’m still kicking myself. I was already scooping up a pretty awesome bird lamp + wide striped shade for my little one’s room, so I felt like it would be going overboard to come home with a lamp and a pair of x-benches…but…I may just have to sneak back and see if they’re still there 😉

    • RachelShingleton

      Oh, definitely go back – you won’t find any others at such a great price! Even the “cheap” ones are regularly upwards of $140!

  • Emily Wignall

    I do that kind of thing all the time, and then think about them for days! Glad you went back…they’re adorable!