Prepping for Vacation: Cruise Edition

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I’ve got vacation on the brain this week as we are leaving for our much-anticipated Disney cruise.  As I write this, a blizzard is in full steam ahead mode for OKC, and I stood in the checkout lane at Target with sunscreen and swimtrunks while everyone else had toilet paper, milk, and bread. You know, the bare necessities for SURVIVAL.

Except for the one lady who had two pool noodles (yes, the big pink foam kind!) in her cart. I’m pretty sure wherever she is headed is bound to be a good time, dontcha think?

Also? They have pool noodles in February at Target???

It’s so weird to be packing for 80 degree weather when you’ve been living in boots, long sleeves and jeans. It’s like I’m out of the habit of dressing for warmer weather.  Packing for Alt Summit has taught me how marvelous it is to be prepared; pulling together every last outfit – while kind of exhausting – really does cut down getting-dressed frustration when a trip rolls around. So for this trip, I’m working on having a plan in place.

The thing about cruises is that you have to be prepared for a wide variety of scenarios. From the most casual kind of stuff like swimsuits and sarongs all the way up to evening wear for those delightfully stuck-in-time formal dinners — and you know I can’t pass up an opportunity to dress up.  Plus there’s all the other things to consider, such as the outfits for the non-formal evenings that still have to be dressier than shorts and flip flops.  Additionally, since the cruise does make a stop at Mecca, comfy cute shoes that won’t kill my feet will also be an absolute must; I definitely learned my lesson last year.  This year I’ll be packing a new pair of Sperrys – preppy and versatile.

And shorts! I am so excited to pull out some shorts — can you even believe I dared to say it? One of the most popular posts here at PSS is this post I wrote last year on how to wear shorts (for girls who DON’T wear shorts — which apparently is the majority of you). And it was me, too until last year – and now I’m a total convert.  Being a color and pattern junkie, I picked up a pair of these cute stretchy stripe shorts from The Limited (and a killer deal, too, at 40% off).

Here’s a little packing inspiration in technicolor for you — are you loving the neon trend for spring?

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