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One thing I’ve learned after attending a few extremely-inspiring conferences is that you come home on fire and with approximately 2.38billion ideas in your head. WHAT WILL I DO?! WHERE WILL I GO?! WHO SHALL I EMAIL NOW?!?!?!

The New Diplomat’s Wife said it best on Twitter the other day: “husband wanted to know if I would be having my “semi-annual post#altsummit identity crisis and soul search” today. the answer was yes.”

So what do you do with all that post-awesome energy? You channel it into a tangible list of to-dos. Here’s mine:

1. I’m not going to lie: this one is the hardest one for me. Hiring help. Isn’t it true that most of us have a hard time asking for help? I know I do. So I’m going to be working on developing a plan to hire an assistant to help with Etsy convos and customer service issues. I need more time to focus on design – the thing I do best.

2. Additionally, I want to launch an eCommerce site this year in addition to my Etsy site. My traffic is finally big enough to support it (blog traffic has grown 30% in the last month ALONE! You guys ROCK!)

3. Attending the media kit panel was a good choice because there were some great ideas thrown out there on how to improve your media kit.

4. Additionally, I met with some fantastic sponsors who got my wheels spinning on some great ideas. More on this later.

5. Licensing has been a fantastic thing that grew out of my experience at Alt Summit in 2012. I’m hopeful to expand that facet of my career into 2013.

6. No more explanation needed on this one: I’m always looking to improve Pencil Shavings Studio’s look with better photos, better product styling, and better packaging.

7. Finally, I want to attend Surtex and the Stationery Show this year in May. I’m not looking to exhibit, but I want to attend as a way to meet new people and make new connections. This has been on the list for YEARS, people. YEARS. 2013 is the year of  MAKING IT HAPPEN. This is going to be the Year of the Show Stopper.

Are you fired up yet? Because I am. What are YOU going to make happen in 2013?



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