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Oh Internet! It’s been forever since we last talked and I have so much to tell you about! We just got home from our summer family vacation to Southern California (more on that later), but as always, I’m reminded that travel is always my number one source of inspiration. Even something like twenty-four hours away from our little bubble here in OKC makes everything so much better, no?

I’ll do a more in-depth post on our trip later, but in the meantime here’s all the things I’m currently obsessed with.


I stumbled on one of the few retail outposts of natural skincare line Aesop and didn’t get to stick around too long due to cranky kiddos. However, the super-friendly and helpful shopgirl at the Lido Marina Village shop filled up a bag full of samples for me to try based on my dry, fair skin. I fell immediately in love with a couple items and placed an order. I like their philosophy of only things that are useful for your skin go into their products. It has to serve a purpose of some sort AND be good for you.

My two personal favorites are the Purifying Facial Exfoliating Paste and the Resurrection Aromatique hand wash. The exfoliating paste also has lactic acid in it, and I swear I could see an immediate difference in my face the next morning.


I’m having a moment with loose, flowy pants and these two are absolute perfection.  First up is the Jamila Pant by Velvet. In a soft tencel fabric, they have a paperbag waist that self-tie. Super comfy and a great piece to transition into the cooler temps. Pair them with something more fitted on the top so you can show off that belted waist.

Secondly, these “On the Fly” woven Lululemon pants (I KNOW I KNOW IT’S ACTIVEWEAR – DON’T SHOOT ME) are technically for, uhhh, going back and forth to the gym? BUT WOW – they are crazy comfy and fit like a dream. Want it to be slightly flowy, then choose your regular size; or if you want something a bit more snug then go a size down. Either way, they’re the perfect travel pants so you can solve the never-ending conundrum of What To Wear On A Plane that Isn’t Pajamas Or Ridiculously Overdressed.



Everybody’s been going on for years now about how video is how everybody wants to consume content, but I frankly don’t have the time to learn how to create one. I spent 3 days after our Spring Break trip creating a video that lasted 20 seconds. THREE. DAYS. That’s ridic.

Enter Lifie — you can easily upload any videos or photos of your choice, and their magicians make it all come to life. They even can put it to premium royalty-free music.  Plus you can view the whole gallery of your uploaded photos as stills. Pretty darn fabulous — check out the Lifie they made for me of our Spring Break cruise on Allure of the Seas.  It’s super easy to share on social media or save to your computer. I’ll definitely be doing another one for our LA/Orange Country trip ASAP!


I got my hair colored a couple of weeks ago and it’s this super bright platinum blonde. I’ve been steadily growing my hair out for a few months so I could get back to my much-beloved topknot and all of a sudden I realized that I’m absolutely channeling the fabulous Gwen Stefani from these shots that I pinned years ago.


Clare Vivier’s bags aren’t exactly new, but I absolutely loved looking over all the pretty things in person at the Newport Beach shop. So much great style and inspiration, especially if you’re  fan of, say, vintage Kate Spade, J.Crew, Prada, Ann Mashburn and the like.  Great price point, too, for a beautiful quality product.


At the beginning of the summer I ordered a few pieces from this Etsy shop based in Lithuania (!).  I was attracted to the easy fabrics and styling of their pieces. And once I got that first order in, I immediately placed another one. I’ve got several tanks and a couple of dresses and skirts from Not Perfect Linen and I cannot stop raving about how much I love their entire line. I get compliments all the time specifically on this dress and I’ve worn it all summer long.  Turnaround is about 4-6 weeks but it is absolutely worth the wait, AND they send you an envelope with color swatches of all their fabrics. Pay careful attention to the sizing as everything is made to be a bit blousy, so if you want a snugger fit, size down.


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