I can support any endeavor that involves a beach vacation.


I am swimming in a sea of happiness right now in the glorious white-sand-land of Pensacola. Stationery Academybegins tonight!

Going on this trip completely alone is the first time I can remember doing that in roughly 8 years. And when I mean alone, I mean truly solely alone. College Me (who I still secretly like to think that I am inside) traveled all over Europe completely by myself. But when I arrived at the hotel, 2012-Me thought, “Well, what do I do now?”
And then College Traveler Me said, “You get out there and you go see something.”
That’s kinda like finding a part of me that’s gotten buried. Not buried by bad things – just buried under lots of other goodness. The goodness of being someone’s partner and someone’s mommy. Of going on other trips with other girlfriends. But I have to say that I loved the solitude of traveling alone, if even for a little bit.
I am DYING to stripe something now in our house in aqua and navy. Is it not the most delightful combination ever?
I’m loving how stunningly beautiful it is here. And even solo traveler me keeps thinking, “I wish I could bring Jude and Simon back here.”
with love,

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