iPad Mini Cases! Squee!

Why is it that everything is better in miniature form? Babies are much cuter than grown-ups. Puppies are much cuter than dogs. Teeny tiny shoes are so much cuter than clodhoppers. Erm ….

And now we have the iPad Mini, which is approximately 18x cuter than the original iPad (scientifically proven, of course).  Which leads me to the real point of this whole post: iPad mini cases are HERE and in the shop (finally!).

Actually, I’ve been able to add quite a few new things to the shop, although at first glance, it won’t look that much different. In addition to your regular iPad sizes, I’ve also added Kindle cases and (obvs) the iPad mini cases as well. You can choose from the drop-down menu on each listing to let me know which one you’d prefer. These photos are great because you can really see the variation in size between the regular and Mini versions.

I’m surprised at how many people have asked me about my Mini already. A week before Alt, I became the happy new recipient of one, and I have to tell you, I am madly in love. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I loved the larger one, but the Mini just fits my life better. It’s smaller and easier to tote around in my handbag, and it’s so much lighter weight to hold. I use mine primarily as an eReader and I’m loving how much closer to the Kindle it is in size.

Now, on to a few questions.

Please note that the mounting system for iPad Mini & Kindle cases are different than for the regular iPad. Regular iPad cases for the 2nd-4th generation are a molded mounting system, but for Minis and Kindles, they are the 4-point harness shown in the photos below.  I’ve used both the regular iPad cases and now the Minis, and I can honestly say that both are equally secure. I have had zero issues with either.

All cases have the same buttery ultrasuede interior, leather binding, and treated fabric exterior that repels stains.

Got questions? I’m more than happy to answer them!  And check out the shop to get your very own version, custom made for you.

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