Summer Beauty

Ready for summer? Check out these fun beauty finds to get you in the spirit.

  1. Korres Lip Butter — the yummiest, thickest, nourishing lip balm I’ve tried in awhile
  2. Neutrogena UltraSheer Sunblock. This is the sunblock for people who don’t want to wear sunblock because they hate the way it smells/feels (this is me). I am in love with this stuff. I don’t even feel it on my face, which is my #1 gripe about sunscreen. Seriously – get it. Your face will thank you in 30 years.
  3. Goody Spin Pins.  I’m in an awkward grow-out phase of my hair, and I love using these pins to create the perfect messy topknot. Available at Target, Walmart, etc.
  4. Mane Message hair ties.
  5. Kate Spade High Tide Carryall. Keep your beauty goodies close at hand.
  6. Chanel‘s gorgeous array of pretty nail polishes.

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