Truth or Dare

There’s nothing better to me than when a client challenges me with a vision for a great party.  Kristy was one of those clients. After having the pleasure of doing invitations for her a few months back, she emailed me and asked if I was up for a challenge.  A dare, if you will!  Her daughter loves the Daring books — have you seen them?

Here’s how the publisher describes them —

Whether you’re a girly-girl, an athlete, a brainiac, or a little bit of everything, The Daring Book for Girls gets you ready for anything—from pitching a tent and building a campfire; to running a lemonade stand and learning about female heroines in history; and even to tying a hitch knot and organizing your own spy team. The Daring Book for Girls is the can-do, how-to manual for enthusiastic, unfettered adventure, cheering girls on to be curious and brave—and above all, to have fun.

I was familiar with the boy version:

Seeing this book in the store always reminds me of the infamous tale of my brother who was caught planning an event that was termed (in a note passed between him & his best friend, and subsequently found in his pocket by my mom doing his laundry) “Something good and dangerous.” It’s infamous family lore and a term that has stuck with all of us ever since. So I have a definite soft spot in my heart for these books. I believe firmly that boys should do something good & dangerous and I believe that girls should definitely have a dose of daring! And can you even think of a more exciting party theme? No – too many good ideas to name.

Thus, I present to you my version of invitations inspired by the Daring Book for Girls —

daring party for girls invitation

daring party for girls invitation

daring party for girls invitation

Check out the Daring Book for Girls and the Dangerous Book for Boys — you will love them!

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