Peter Pan Party!


Get ready for a picture-heavy post, but there were just too many good photos to choose from!

Jude’s Peter Pan party was a huge success! We are so grateful for our family who all came and showered our 3-year-old boy with such fun and love.
Here’s the birthday boy, waiting for his party to start.

I used a lot of different items from Garnish, like their wooden flatware (pictured above) and their striped straws. They just had too many good things to choose from!
Here’s Peter Pan in full regalia

Here were the favors – red stripe bags (from etsy seller Fort & Field) tied with bakers twine and sealed with a custom Peter Pan sticker (PaperSource round imprintables) and matching red felt feather (stiff red felt, hand cut by me).  Inside were gold coins, pirate eye patches, colorable pirate ships, and other goodies like silly bands.

To go with the favor bags, there were pixie dust packets (from etsy seller The Crafty Dragonfly) wrapped in glassine envelopes from Garnish with instructions for flying printed on the labels.

Also on the entry table, our display of Peter Pan paraphernalia: a variety of pirates’ hats, a paper top hat (like John’s from the movie), an Indian paper headdress (both these hats were from the PaperSource Thanksgiving decoration set), and a couple of Peter Pan hats we have from Disneyland.

Happy Birthday banner from etsy seller The Spoiled Wall.

Birthday cake setup. Cupcakes and cake “cannonballs” (oreo cake balls!!!) were from Kiley’s Kupcakes – AMAZING! If your’e in the OKC area, definitely call Kiley. I don’t know what she puts in that frosting, but it’s definitely the best I’ve ever tasted.

Green Izze drinks!

Before I was born, Dad took some painting classes and this was one of his paintings – a pirate ship! Mom brought it over as she thought it was totally appropriate for a Peter Pan party and I could not have agreed more. Jude was thrilled. This was also our drink station. I made fruit punch that went in the container.  I also used butcher paper to wrap the island in the kitchen where all the food was (made for super easy cleanup, but also went w/ the overall look), and I also did this little butcher paper skirt on the console table to protect it.

Of course there had to be sticky rats lurking around.

Catch of the day: Swedish fish on wooden skewers

Lost Boys’ trail mix (s’mores mix from Target) in the wooden paper cones from Garnish. Faux-boix box wrapped in paper from Elum.

Freeze-dried strawberries in the containers from Garnish. The boxes in the back were individual servings of homemade bowtie mac & cheese (pixie wing pasta!). And of course we had Pirate’s Booty, too!

Our entryway was the entrance into Neverland. The Neverland star was from Ikea, Oh, and you can kinda see Big Ben to the left in the photo below.

Look at Wendy! And Tick Tock, the crocodile!

Singing “happy birthday.” Was he proud or what?!  We sure were proud of him. The kids were just all so cute!

Here’s my teepees out in the back. Simon got a bale of hale for the kids to sit on – the cutest little photo-op!

Here’s me as Pirate Mommy

And Simon as Captain Hook, natch!

The Pirate family w/ Peter Pan. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that the majority of my costume came from my actual wardrobe. :-


All the kids, ready for trick or treating! Our city did trick or treating on Saturday for some reason. We had so much fun going with all our family together!

Look at the UPS man! I LOVE it!

WOW. What a party it was! I love throwing a party that makes little kids’ eyes light up with wonder and amazement. And of course, maybe a few grownups too. Because as you know, Peter Pan is all about never growing up. Jude was thrilled to pieces, and that’s what it was all about. Thank you to EVERYBODY who made this day such a success! We love you!

with love,

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