Art Thingys

Every now and then I feel the need to go through my Twitter feed and clean out all the spammers and non-actual-Twitterers. Yesterday was such a day, but it was a pleasant surprise to fall on Art Thingys#mce_temp_url#, apparently one of my followers. Paul Ocepek is the designer of Art Thingys, bold and unique three-dimensional wall art. I think the target audience for these is kids, but they’re so graphic and bold, I think they could work in other spaces. I really liked all of these.

Vintage marquee-inspired piece called “Popcorn“, available w/ any name.

I LOVE this toucan. LOVE it. And it comes in a few different color schemes, too. Actually, all the pieces from Art Thingys come in different colors.

Gauge the robot.



How great would a school of these fish look on a wall?

The price point is great at $40 to $52.  Can’t wait to see what else Art Thingys comes up with!