Storybook Forest

On Friday night in honor of Jude’s birthday, Simon and I took Jude to Lake Arcadia to the Storybook Forest. Held every year, it’s a fun non-scary Halloween activity. They have a variety of classic storybook characters on a trail that you walk through, and the kids get candy at every stop. It’s a pretty cute idea, and the best part was seeing all the kids in their costumes. The weather was idyllic. I never get out to Lake Arcadia much, but it sure is lovely.

I was really glad that we’ve reviewed a few of the classic fairy tales when we read books at bedtime every night. Like Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater, for example.

There was kissing midway through the forest. Guess that’s part of the fairytales! 🙂

Hansel & Gretel!

Then at the end, there were hayrides and fires for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. Jude wanted to do the marshmallows, so for $1, we got 6 and a lovely skewer that looked eye-poppingly dangerous.

No, Simon did not wear his pirate costume much to Jude’s dismay.

Then as we walked back to our car, we detoured to a floating dock there on the lake. THe sun was just setting.

My new favorite. MY BOYS!!!

Except maybe this is my favorite too. I really want both of these, printed and framed.

Of course, the photographer rarely gets her picture made w/ the kid as much as daddy, but that’s ok.

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