City Scenes: NYC

Ok, I promise this is my last post on NYC. Just a mishmash of a few photos and fun memories.

Trying on sparkly shoes at Kate Spade in Soho. I love absolutely everything in there right now. The store styling itself, the jewelry, the shoes, the clothes. All of it. It is so creatively inspiring.  See the vintage images behind me on the wall of women trying on shoes? And the turquoise velvet banquette to sit on?! DELICIOUS.

I also wore basically this same outfit all week. Well, not the sparkly shoes. But my waterproof trenchcoat from Target took me a long way and for so little $$. I love Target.

Fun in-store installation at Japanese retailer Uniqlo.

Rainy New York day, almost exactly what the weather is like here at home today. Pouring rain, gray skies, chilly weather. Fall perfection. This photo was from the Time Warner Center. We had gone to eat breakfast at Bouchon, and ended up buying umbrellas.

The delightful Chelsea Market, a mishmash of shops and fun restaurants, as well as groceries, too. Oh, and an Anthro!

I loved the industrial feel of the interior.

Just kept going and going . . .

We should’ve gone back during the day because I really wanted to get a closer look at everything inside of this little shop. Poufs!

The Apple store in Chelsea had this magnificent glass staircase. But am I the only one who worries that if you walked up that in a short dress or skirt that someone might peek up underneath??

Washington Mews by NYU. So charming.

Well, there you have it. Hope I haven’t bored the tears out of you guys from my NYC recap! We had such a good trip. I can’t wait til we can go back again!