The best pencil holder ever

A few weeks ago, my uncle Bill’s sweet father passed away. He was a really talented woodworker, among many many other things. They also had the most beautiful garden with such gorgeous produce. My sister took her boys over to their garden to pick some of the vegetables right after he passed so none of it would go to waste. ¬†Simon was asked to help them out with selling the house, that sort of thing. When he was there, taking a look at the beautiful property, he caught a glance of color out of the corner of his eye. He knew immediately when he saw what it was that I would love it.

Is this not the coolest pencil holder you’ve ever seen? And with all those colored pencils sitting so perfectly in their snug little holes!

He was right – I do love it! It’s the most perfect colored pencil holder I have ever seen. I’m so honored to have received it. Thank you, Uncle Bill and Aunt Jo for sending it over to me. I absolutely love it.