Happy Birthday, Jude!

Question: if you were awoken out of a dead sleep by a six-foot-four, thirty-year-old man in a pirate costume, would you maybe just be a little bit scared? Like pee your pants scared?

In honor of Jude’s birthday, Simon dressed up in his pirate costume and excitedly woke me up at 7:30 this morning. “Get up! Get up! Let’s go wake Jude up! It’s his birthday!”

I think somebody was just a leetle bit excited.

We crept up the stairs. It was quiet. I had an ominous feeling. This was not going to go well.

Simon stepped in the room and stopped. I heard Jude say, “Hi! .. .(tentatively) Hi. Um, … Dad? Dad?!? (building confidence) DAAAAAD! YOU’RE A PIRATE!!!!”

Then we told him to come downstairs for a couple of little presents. He was so excited, with his sleepy little face and too-short pajammies. He got a bucket of army men (“DAT’S THE ARMY MENS!”

A racecar from Cars.

And some books.


Jude has a couple of pirate swords. They were confiscated this week – I had to put them in time out because of crimes against humanity (the neighbor kids). When he saw Simon this morning, he gave me this sad face and said, “Can my swords come out of time out please? Please please pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaase?”

Yeah, ok. Sure. If there was ever a time for swords, I guess it’s today.

I made breakfast pancakes. Jude kept saying, “I gonna be THREE!” And we’d say, “No! You ARE three!”

He was super excited about his #3 candle. “Dat’s my FIRE!”

Make a wish, darling!

Birthdays are better when there’s a pirate at the table with you. 🙂

Happy birthday, my sweet boy. You are so precious to me and your daddy and you bring such joy into our lives. I love the way you sing songs from Bible study and the way you have such imagination. It is nothing but joy to be your mother.

You’ve come a long way, baby boy.

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