Thank you, Design Mom!

Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom may be the nicest person on the internet. No, really – it’s true. Her style of writing is immediately endearing, and she always has the best picks of not only kid-related picks but also an excellent eye for all things design. So I was floored and thrilled to pieces when she asked me to be a featured Home Tour over at Cafe Mom. UM YES! And would you like me to send you a box of cupcakes too?! Because I would!

Anyway, all that to say, thank you again, Gabrielle! I remain one of your biggest fans!

p.s. – Be sure to check out one of my favorite parts of Design Mom – the pregnancy and birth stories. When Gabrielle was pregnant with her sixth little one, she invited bloggers to submit their own stories. I was stunned – there were so many amazing, well-written stories. They will move you to tears. As an adoptee, one of my favorite stories was from an anonymous birth mom who gave up her child for adoption. Moving and incredibly powerful, it was one of the best (in my opinion) of the entire series. Check it out! And bring your Kleenex.

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