Ever feel like you’re just totally covered over – swamped, drowning, flooded?  I’m thinking that’s how this year has been for us, weather-wise. After the random ridiculous flood we had here on Monday (apparently a 500-year flood?), we have all had it with crazy weather events. Done. Over it.  The ceiling in our living room started leaking during the deluge, so we’re adding that to the ever-growing to-do list of things that need to be fixed. It’s overwhelming and annoying.


Really, things could be worse. We still HAVE a house, and that’s awesome. And we’re getting to basically re-do the family room, so I can be thankful for that. Also, I was looking back through our archives and this time last year was super stressful. Simon was just about to leave his (miserable) job and there was a lot of anxiety here. Fast forward a year later: I’m healthier than ever (and I’m starting Week 3 of Couch to 5K!), Jude is a happy camper in the throes of Terrific Two’s, and Simon is thriving and happier than ever at his new job.


So I can deal with a little bit of weather.





Coming up: Rachelle Tucker’s Fiesta (can’t wait to see the photos from this one!), collaborating with Oklahoma City interior designer Lauren Corbyn on not only my living room but also some personal stationery for her, and the grand launch of the Uptown Kids website.