Lovin’ the letter Q

Amy contacted me about a month back about doing custom stationery for her.   We emailed back and forth a bit and I found out a little bit about her style. I presented three different proofs based on the following info from her:

Favorite colors?    Reds, Oranges, Browns
Favorite artists?    Botero
Favorite music?   I like all types
Favorite vacation spots?    San Francisco
Favorite clothing brands?    J.Crew, anything from Anthropologie, Marc Jacobs, Loeffler Randall
Favorite flower?     Ranunculus

A girl after my own heart! Originally we looked at a few samples involving her favorite colors, but after researching Botero’s paintings as well as some of the more recent items from designers Loeffler Randall and Marc Jacobs, the saffron shade kept popping up. And paired with grey, as seen in a lot of home decor trends these days, it was a perfect match.

The first proof was large-scale and dramatic – I mean, c’mon, you gotta admit that when you’ve got a letter Q in your name, it’s a pretty darn fabulous letter. Q is one of my favorite letters in the alphabet – it looks so drasically different in every typeface.  We scaled down the gray shade of the Q so she wouldn’t feel weird about writing over it. It was like a pale watermark.

The second sample involved a pattern made out of her initials, and this was the one that she eventually decided on. I think either were great choices and they printed absolutely beautifully.

Thank you so much, Amy!

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