Our poor neighborhood. It’s just taken a beating what with the hailstorm last week and then on this past Sunday, a house around the corner from us caught on fire and went up in flames.  Simon was outside taking inventory of what other hail damage we had when he ran inside and had us come see what was going on. It was such a cute house, too. So so sad. Seeing flames like that in real life really makes you have respect for what those firefighters do.


Jude is obsessed with firetrucks (read: semi-afraid, semi-enthralled). There were at least seven trucks there to fight this fire. The neighbor behind the house was out in his yard w/ his hose, helping out.



We sat on the curb, along with all the other neighbors, and watched the firemen do their job. A lot of people showed up on Vespas, too – see the guy in the background below? Random, kinda.


Neighborhood girls getting interviewed by the news afterwards.


Jude really wanted to go get in the firetrucks. One time, we were picking up cupcakes at a local bakery at the same time a bunch of firemen were there in their truck to pick up a cake. They invited him to get in the truck, so we went outside but then he chickened out at the last minute. He talks about it incessantly ever since then. I told him that if only the men weren’t so exhausted from fighting the house fire,then maybe he could’ve gotten in. 🙁


Oh well, he was pretty proud of himself, getting his picture made after the fire was out in front of the firetruck.

So apparently now the story is that the fire was started by someone who had left something on while they were gone. No one was at home at the time of the fire, thank goodness. All the more reason to have smoke detectors with fresh batteries in them, and to always make sure that all candles are extinguished, etc. That was sobering to watch that poor house go up in flames!