Finished Nursery!

So, I think I want to move into Jude’s room. That’s how much I love it. The color is so rich and inviting. It’s just the most gorgeous shade of blue. I’m totally smitten. I started painting on Sunday afternoon, and got the majority of the job completed then. We spent the night over at my parents so Jude wouldn’t have to sleep in the paint-smelly-fumey room, and then I resumed painting this morning while Jude was at Mother’s Day Out #2.And this was the final result. I just want to stay in here all day, curled up in that chair with a good book. The white trim and furniture looks so crisp against the blue (Martha Stewart for Lowe’s: Jasperware). I’ve got a few yellow accents in the room to contrast against the blue, and to offer repetition of the colors in the Matterhorn Bobsleds poster (my original inspiration).
Remember the day we spent at the zoo and the vintage Mold-A-Rama machine that makes the animals? Here’s two of mine from college: a lion and giraffe. The giraffe lost its head once, and has since been repaired.
It feels so great to have everything organized. There’s more than enough room for tons of books, and all of the stuffed animals now reside in the pull-our drawer below.