Painting the Nursery

As we have now been in the new house for over two months, life has now slowed down enough that I could think about finally painting Jude’s room. I’ve been attracted to the Martha Stewart line of paint colors, both at Lowe’s and Sherwin-Williams. I picked up a few swatches and pinned them to the walls, finally deciding on three separate colors of blue (see above). Luckily, they sell teeny tiny little cans of paint at Lowe’s, so for $9 ($3 per teeny can), I was able to pick the right shade of blue. I painted all 3 swatches on each wall, and then went in and looked at them throughout the day, and in various lights. I had nearly decided between the left two; I knew the far right one was just wrong.
My inspiration for Jude’s room is my vintage Disneyland Matterhorn bobsleds poster. The styling is so mod, and it’s a great mix of colors. I thought that I liked the swatch on the far left, so I painted a broader swatch of it (see photo above). But the more I looked at it, the less I liked it. 
So in the end, we decided to go with Martha Stewart’s Jasperware. I spent this afternoon painting the playroom, and I am just SO pleased with how it turned out. Tonight we’re spending the night at my parents’ house with my sibs & their kids, and so hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be able to move the furniture back in and take some better photos.