Product Rave: Boon Flair Highchair

I’ve been holding out as long as possible on the whole high chair thing. For one thing, nearly every high chair I have ever seen is just flat-out ugly. Plus, they all seem to come with some mega-frou-frou plush padding that just seems like a sticky food mess-magnet. And after spending yesterday morning cleaning (ahem) poop out of a carseat, which is pretty low on the frilly scale, I want low-maintenance when it comes to cleaning.
Hence, our new highchair, the Boon Flair Pedestal with pneumatic lift. Boon is a fantastic company when it comes to kid stuff. With a variety of products, they’ve pretty much cornered the market on cool. Some friends of ours gave us several of the bath products, including the super-cute Frog Pod.
We’ve been using the Bumbo seat up until now, and as of the past couple of weeks, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Jude’s starting to climb out of it now, and as it doesn’t have any straps, it’s pretty easy for him to get in and out. Plus, the thing’s getting pretty nasty now, and I clean it all. the. time. So I’m pretty excited about this — Jude is completely strapped in, and he can sit up high so he can watch me while I work in the kitchen or wherever. With the Bumbo, he was pretty much restricted to the floor. 

Such glee as he sits in the Flair!

I’m also super-stoked that it goes up and down so easily, and it rolls so smoothly. Can I gush anymore? Oh yes I can — because I got it on eBay for a great deal, and that makes me (and Simon) happy!