Fantastic Fourth

Patriotic Cousins! Note Jude clutching the flag.
I hope this weekend found everybody enjoying friends, family, freedom, and lots of fireworks. Add food to that, too, and that’s a pretty potent combination. Simon and I both commented to each other that we thought this was quite possibly the best Fourth of July ever. It was particularly nice that it fell on a Friday so we could enjoy a three-day weekend. Three cheers for that!
Our long weekend began Thursday night with a campout of sorts. For whatever reason, Jude decided to be particularly fussy and woke up numerous times Thursday night. At some point after midnight, I had nearly decided it must be the inevitable first tooth, since he was so so so sad, and wouldn’t let me feel around in his mouth. This teething business is fishy – every time he’s uncharacteristically unhappy or a fuss-face, we attribute it to teeth. And as of yet, there are zero teeth. So, Jude and I camped out in the spare bedroom where we got very little sleep. However, he was Mr. Perky at 8 a.m., which bode well for us since we were going to meet my sister and nephews at 9 a.m. for their local neighborhood parade.
The parade was a huge success and so much fun. The neighborhood puts it on every year because families wanted something to go do on the 4th of July: the kids decorate their bikes, there’s a parade of cool old cars, and there’s one dude who brings out his gigantic snake (think the snake that Britney Spears shimmied around with) that all the kids pat as it slithers around in the grass. Jude was thrilled with all of it. He just kicked his feet and squealed. 

The snake! I love the colors of his skin – the yellow and gray is so chic right now! :)

Kennedy for President: Best for Oklahoma

Rachel and Jude in front of the firetruck.

Great vintage cars. Wouldn’t it be fun to buzz around town in one of these?

Really, everything is just so much more fun with kids. Maybe it’s just that I really liked being a kid and still like doing kid things, so now it’s just a great excuse to be a participant again! My nephews also have a new trampoline, so we enjoyed jumping on the trampoline. Simon can do four flips in a row. I really need to get a picture of that, because it is something to see — all six feet four inches of him flipping in the air!

The afternoon was spent lounging at my parents’ house, who are out of town on an Alaskan cruise. We slathered on the sunscreen and baked all. day. long. There is no better way to spend a summer day than in the pool.  We also ate more junk than I care to admit. So much for my resolution of taking good care of myself by eating good things and exercising. :-

Ugh, speaking of the pool, Jude thoroughly christened it. I was holding him, he was gleefully frolicking, and all of a sudden, there was, um, debris floating in the pool, despite his swim diaper. We all squealed, promptly removed Jude from the pool, and stripped him down in the grass, where we then hosed him down(!) to get all the poo(!) off of him. Sounds harsh, but he thought it was great fun and the water wasn’t too cold. 

Maui Babe Suntan lotion and Biotherm sunscreen. 
We unearthed the Maui Babe browning lotion from somewhere in our bathroom. Despite the fact that we bought it on our honeymoon in Maui nearly three years ago, we think it’s still good! Either way, we are all sunburn-free, and slightly glowing from our tans. 
We enjoyed dinner at Simon’s parents’ house, and then packed up in the car to go look at fireworks. Fireworks are always my favorite part (once again, it must be my inner child or something). Is there anything better than listening to the oohs and aahs of the little kids as they stare up into the sky? Jude was sound
asleep, but quickly woke up, and was slack-jawed as he stared at the firecrackers bursting. I’m kicking myself that I let the battery get down on the camera, because I think I could’ve gotten some really great night shots. It was just all so magical, all of us there, and I do mean all of us, which is great. I think the last time I saw fireworks with my entire family was when I was 7 or 8, in Colorado Springs. It just felt like we really celebrated this year. It was just so great, everyone sitting out on a blanket, and cheering. It would have only been made complete by the presence of my parents, but I’m glad that they’re enjoying a great vacation.
Saturday, Simon worked really hard to get all of the stuff that had been sitting in the garage appropriated to its final resting spot. I’m glad he felt the urge to do this as I have been seriously unmotivated to even touch anything in the garage. 
We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the Iguana Cafe, a cool new spot in downtown OKC. Once again, we consumed a ridiculous amount of food, and then hurried out to Mom and Dad’s for more sunning and swimming. Check out that 7-layer dip that came out in an Oklahoma-shaped platter. Delicioso!

Jude and Simon, eating their hands, being silly.