Type Crush: Narziss Swirls

I got an email in my inbox from, and while I typically chuck those into the virtual trash, this one caught my eye. The thick-and-thin lyricism of Narziss Swirls made me sit up and take a better look. I can only imagine the fun that I could have with this. Can you imagine these on a fantastic invitation? ::sigh::  A reasonable price, too, if you’re looking for an unusual font.

I’m really crushing on new fonts right now. I think I was getting tired of using the same ones over and over again. Especially when it comes to wedding invitations — most of my brides like the classics. And they’re a classic for a reason, and that’s fine. I’m always happy to use a beautiful, well-designed font. But also, admittedly, I’m secretly glad when I get someone who wants something just a little bit . . . different.

Big thanks to Kathleen of Jeremy & Kathleen fame (one of my OU VisComm cronies) for a nice little font swap. I’m thrilled, friend!