Family Photos

Back in April on possibly the most gorgeous evening ever, we loaded up in the car and headed north to Guthrie where we met the Blue Lilies for a family photoshoot. It was an idyllic location – a field with the most beautiful tree I possibly have ever seen, and a few abandoned buildings. I’ve been anxiously awaiting our proofs and thought I’d show you the final result.

When I was pulling together our outfits, I didn’t want us to be in all white shirts with jeans or something cheez like that. I pulled together a color scheme that we could all kind of play around with so we’d have options. And because I’m crazy, I surfed around on the net to find other family photos that I liked. You can see my inspiration board here, including my most favorite family photo session ever by DesignMom.

Jude’s shorts look a lot more saturated in these photos than they do in real life; they’re more muted than they appear.

I also wanted to play around with mixing patterns in these photos. Admittedly I think the large scale of my skirtmakes my hips look more, well, child-birthin’ large than I would prefer, but I do love that skirt.

Skirt: ASOS. Cardigan: J.Crew.  Tank: J.Crew (last year)

Finally, I cracked up at this outtake from below. It would have been perfect except for my goofball face!



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