The Beauty of Routine

I read a really great article today on about routine. It really challenged me. When Jude was born, I knew that I wanted to have him on a schedule – a routine, really. And because he was in the NICU for so long, they really helped to establish that routine. We (and Jude too) knew that every 3 hours, he would get a diaper change, have his temperature taken, eat a bottle, then take a nap. As time has gone on, obviously this routine has shifted. But Jude is still eating every three hours or so during the day, getting his diaper changed regularly, and enjoys regular naps at nearly the same time every day. I think it’s really good for him, and really good for me. To be honest, I haven’t had much to do with this routine; much of it was picking up on his cues and needs. In the afternoons, we get out of the house and do our errands. Sometimes we get out before noon, but not always. 

Anyway, the article at SimpleMom was talking about establishing a routine for yourself, as a mom. For the most part, we do maintain a regular routine, but the author encouraged the readers to make a list of the five things you do every single morning.