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I joined weight watchers. Gahhh

I’m hesitant to say any of this out loud or post about it because what’s more cliche than weight loss in January? But I figured talking about it was a good step, so here we are. It’s been two years  since the baby was born and the baby weight situation has now turned into just,
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This post is full of photos of the weekend without telling any major story. My birthday was on Saturday and I turned a whopping thirty-four years old. Several weeks back I told Simon that I wanted to spend my birthday at the lake, and he was on board with it. Except that sounds so darn
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Spring at Carlton Landing on Lake Eufaula

Easter at Carlton Landing

For Easter weekend, we had a few days off school, so we took advantage and headed to the lake. It was a glorious weekend of sunshine, rocking on the front porch with the baby, dinners with friends, and exploring the area around CL. My friends in Oklahoma City look at me with alarm when I
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Birthday flowers from Mr Shingleton -


This weekend marked my thirty-third birthday, which my mother kindly noted was the same age that Jesus was when he died. Um, great? (Mom, I knew what you meant. hehe)  My parents met me for coffee at Elemental and then mom and I went on a little shopping spree. Can I just tell you she
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