Fall decorating with pumpkins when you aren't a fan of the color orange. Several fall decor ideas on outdoor decorating for fall with pumpkins, beachy fall decor, etc.

Elements of Farmhouse Fall Decor

Editor’s note: In addition to the content I produce for Pencil Shavings, I also write for other publications including Better Homes & Gardens, and now for Carlton Landing’s blog on
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Week 3 was a debacle: One Room Challenge Fall ’17

Internet, This is swiftly becoming the One House Challenge. I’m not even kidding. If the One Week Challenge is all about showing the ups and downs of a room makeover,
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Oh hey. You’re 37!

Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that we were, you know, 22 or 23?  And yet somehow, here we are. Today, October 17, 2017, you turn 37 and
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Jute Rugs: High Style, Low Maintenance

I’m dipping my toes into neutral rug territory (gasp!). I know! That’s saying something from She Who Can’t Deal with Beige. I’m currently obsessing over jute and sisal rugs, and
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