Bungalow Master Bedroom: Framing is Done!

Carlton Landing Lake House

We have MAJOR progress on the lake house add-on!  After what felt like waiting forever to finally get things going, a bunch of progress happened in a week. The footings were poured and foundation laid and then all of a sudden last week, the walls and roof were up.

It’s probably going to slow down a hair while we wait for the rest of the windows to come in. The existing window (below) was removed and put into the new bathroom and now to get the wall painted in a bit after the new electrical is run.

The BEST part is that we’ve practically doubled our porch space by extending it into what used to be the side yard. We’ve got a 10×11 space now extending off the new master bedroom and attaching to the existing porch. The swing got relocated on Friday to the opposite side of the porch and I’m kicking myself for not snapping a photo of it!!

Because we don’t want to mess up the existing roofline, we’re leaving the new porch open and exposed BUT we’re planning on doing a slatted pergola so we can at least get some amount of shade as the sun tends to beat down pretty heavily in the late afternoon right there.


One of the biggest issues we’ve bumped into is how to build in as much storage as possible with a limited footprint. There’s not enough room for a traditional dresser, but the bathroom vanity is large enough that with a little consideration, I think we can build in enough cabinetry that we won’t miss having a dresser or a traditional closet. I daresay it might even be more functional.

Ok, why no closet? Well, none of the bedrooms in our house have proper closets (although we have a few others sprinkled throughout the existing house). The thought process from the original builder was that nobody staying in a lake house needs a closet (uhh, ok??) and that it would free up floor space. It’s a small house, so I get what they were thinking. But it means that we can’t really leave any of *our* stuff there. SO. We need closet space that we can lock up so we don’t constantly have to shuffle toiletries, etc. back and forth.

I’m envisioning that on either side of the vanity we’ll have cabinets that function like lockers and are about the same depth. There’ll be enough room that you could hang up a few things, and plenty of cubby storage as well. We tend to not take a ton of clothes when we’re down there for the weekend anyway.

I’m super amped for the lighting choices and I was majorly inspired by this bathroom from our builder:

I don’t know that I’ll do the exact same color vanity, but something similar perhaps. Maybe the navy that i used in the upstairs bedroom? That’d be pretty with all the brass fixtures.  Also, did you know that CB2 has super cool (and cheap!) hardware? BRASS hardware, too, which is hard to come by at a good price point. Loving these knobs  and matching brass handles (THAT TEXTURE!).  Also think these hex-shaped knobs are pretty fab too.  The bathroom mirror is the Croft 24×36 brass mirror.


I’m still finalizing fabric choices, but this at least gives you an idea of the overall vibe. Walls will be painted Decorator White by Benjamin Moore (like the rest of the interior).

In the bedroom, I’m planning on doing an upholstered headboard and some kind of flatweave rug underneath. Side tables of some sort to fit in the 3′ width, and with the porch extension we’re planning on using that as an outdoor sitting room.

As of now we’re due to be complete by July, so let’s all cross our fingers that I can get on top of making selections! Big huge thanks to Scissortail Homes for being so incredibly awesome and on top of things in this process!


with love,

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