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Internet, I’m home from High Point and frankly, it’s been kind of a heckofa week. Reentry after being away is always tough, and it’s hard on all parties involved: dog, kids, parents. Plus there’s just general exhaustion here at the end of the school year (don’t get me started on post-market exhaustion. That’s a whole other level.)

BUT! Life goes on, and I’ve got a few decor updates to share. And more to come later this week with my High Point update, among other things.

I can’t stop fiddling around with our former dining room-turned-reading room, and I think it’s basically because I can’t even with that mirrored wall. Like I really hate it and wish I could cover it up. Yes — I get that it makes the room visually go on forever, BUT it drives me nuts because it’s like visual clutter to me. I hate that everything is repeated in there: the drapes, the ceiling can lights, the doors, etc. It feels unnecessarily cluttered somehow, which is the risk you run when you do floor to ceiling windows. I’d ideally do all white walls in there in the meantime to diminish the overall visual boxyness, but I wonder if that’s only going to be a band-aid in the short term, you know? Thoughts?

I did swap the rugs in the formal living and dining room, and brought in that super awesome rug steal from eBay in there. I thought it tied in well with the space a little better?  I’m madly in love with the artwork from Minted. It’s by Kamala Nahas and it’s called SoCal Sorbet3. We have another one of her pieces upstairs, and I love the color and serenity. The pale pink in this particular one is just perfection.

The big art for sure helps the whole issue of the mirror. But I’m still not 100% in love. I feel like it could be so much better. But it just goes to show that sometimes you have to keep tweaking a room over time – I mean, if money were no object that would be one thing, but the reality is that it takes a long time to get a room layered and right.  Sigh. If only the money tree were alive! haha

Speaking of plants, I think I’m becoming a crazy plant lady. I’ve had my fiddle leaf fig, Harry, for almost a year now and he’s survived! I daresay he’s even thrived, although at times it’s been a bumpy road to success.  So, feeling flush with my confidence in caring for Harry, I bought a Monstera a few weeks ago. And it’s like navigating a whole other set of needs. Just when I have Harry all figured out, now I have to reinvent the wheel and figure out what the Monstera needs.

Should I name her Sally?

Finally, a shot of our formal living room with a pretty new find, although sadly I can’t claim it as my own. A client ordered this gorgeous new emerald Mina Cocktail Ottoman from Anthropologie and it inadvertently got shipped to me instead of directly to her. But I’m not mad about it. It’s those brass legs and gorgeous color! I happily kidnapped it for our room for a couple of days before relinquishing it to its proper home — and I totally sweated the whole time that one of the kids or the dog would destroy it in some way before I could get it delivered. I absolutely covered that thing with a sheet and forbade ANYONE to touch it.

So, there’s all the news that’s fit to print. I’ll have more design updates later in the week!



with love,

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