Boardwalk Bungalow Living Room: Week 5 One Room Challenge

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Well, in light of my last post on the epic craziness of our longer-than-expected weekend at the lake house, I got in plenty of time to fuss and fidget about on One Room Challenge projects.

A few things that happened:


I bought a fiddle leaf fig. I KNOW – such a design cliche, right?! Except … it truly does bring an extra layer of life to the space. Upon seeing this photo, Simon immediately called and said, “And just who is the gardener that’s going to take care of the fiddle leaf tree?” I promised him that I’d bring it back home to OKC to tend it. Sigh.

I also named him Harry. Seems appropriate somehow.


I also got crackin’ on styling these shelves by the back door. It drives me nuts to have my various tchotchkes moved hither and yon by the renters or housekeeping, so I thought it might be best to simplify overall. (Roman shade by Loom Decor.)


Look how PRETTY my new sconces turned out! I still need to patch up the holes from the electrician.


I might have squealed like a junior high girl when I opened up all the gorgeous new pillows from Serena & Lily. I wanted all the accessory textiles to compliment the rug and the Huntington House upholstery. Pillows are such a great way to bring in an extra softness and texture.

Just WAIT til you see how all the patterns play together (sneak peek above: Perennials pin stripe pillow / Perennials Vintage Stripe pillow cover / Nantucket Handpainted Pillow Cover)


I also rearranged all the artwork and moved the much beloved painted oars to the powder bath. I have bigger plans for the room down the line (wallpaper maybe?), but in the meantime this gives it a much-needed pop of color.

But the elephant in the room is that I’m still waiting for the furniture to arrive and it’s coming down to the wire. It was put on the truck last Friday and now I’m just pacing like an anxious father in a 1950s maternity ward, waiting for the phone to ring.

All right, Week 5, this is it! Follow along on Instagram  as I’ll be posting progress on IG Stories over the weekend.  It’s going to be good!


Special thanks to the amazing sponsors who are willing to help me realize my vision for the room. I couldn’t complete this challenge without the gracious help these wonderful brands.

HUNTINGTON HOUSE ( Instagram)// CRYPTON (IG:  Crypton)  // SERENA & LILY (on Instagram) // ANNIE SELKE (on Instagram) // MINTED

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