A few things vol. 7


Potty training! Peonies in January! Planners and organization! All the things!!  Internet, I could not believe my eyes a few days ago when I saw oodles of peonies in our local Whole Foods. In JANUARY. They were about $12 for a bundle of 5 stems, which isn’t cheap, but not terrible considering this is not their prime season.  Run run run!

The baby is almost 3

Archer’s third birthday(!) is only a few days away and I remember fondly how we threw this gigantic Peter Pan-themed party for Jude when he turned three.  Sadly I do not have that kind of creative energy nor the time to do another gigantic blowout party (sorry, 2nd child). But Archer’s one request for his birthday is a Mickey Mouse cake, so that’s what he’s gonna get.

And now that he’s just about 3, I figure it’s time to start potty training. I have zero fond memories of potty training Jude. The actual training is ridiculously awful, but the BEING potty trained is awesome. Pls send all tips as my brain is fried and I can’t remember how to do this. Thx.

Getting Organized

On Instagram Stories, I’ve been showing all the various ways I’m getting organized in the New Year. I’ve used the Elfa mesh drawers in our bathroom cabinets for several years now, and I just put in another pair in our laundry room lower cabinets for the boys’ socks and shoes. It makes sense to corral them all there since that’s where they end up anyway.

I’ve tried several different types of bin labels on our baskets, but these metal bin label clips are my absolute favorite. They come in white, gold, silver and black and they’re a little pricey, but they’re indestructable. They’re about the size of a business card, and I usually remove the paper insert and use a dry erase marker to label them. They’re seriously the best, and I’ve never found a comparable one.


PS – all the Elfa closet organization system components are 30% off right now, which is a killer deal. I’ve already picked up a few things and the quality is so great. Definitely worth the $$$.

Lara Casey’s Power Sheets

My friend Amber Housley works for the inspiring Lara Casey and they sent me one of the 2018 Powersheets goal planners. I went with the year long version, which is sadly sold out, but the six month version is undated which means you can start it at any point.

I’m super impressed. I’ve really enjoyed all of the different worksheets that have helped me work through my thought process on a few different goals I have for this year (including hitting my Weight Watchers target). Anyway, I can’t recommend it enough and I think you’ll like it too.

2018 Six-Month PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner (Poppy Pink)

2018 Six-Month PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner (Teal)

2018 Six-Month PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner (White)

I also purchased one of Emily Ley’s Home Base Binders to help me keep all our house stuff in order. I’m such a paper person, and I especially need space to scribble out ideas, and when it comes to meal planning that’s where I need that space the most. Anyway, excited to flesh it out in the months ahead.




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