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Progress continues to be made on my master bedroom closet makeover. I finally got my painter scheduled to paint the doors. It’s a guy I’ve trusted and used many times over, and he’s always super reasonable. BUT – I made a major mistake this time around.

I didn’t have him come in for a prior estimate, which was stupid in retrospect. Because when he was done painting the seven doors and surrounding trim on those doors, he sticker shocked me with an $880 price tag.

I’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor.

Go ahead.

Yes. Eight hundred and eighty American dollars to paint the doors. In comparison, we had a guy come paint our front door a few years back and he spent eight hours just slooooowly detailing every single element, and all he charged was $100.

So the moral of this story is ALWAYS GET YOUR ESTIMATE IN ADVANCE.

Simon: “WOW, those doors sure do appear to have been painted in an exceptionally high quality manner.”

Me, grumbling: “THEY BETTER BE.”

Stay tuned for the final look when we get the hardware in, and I show how I’ve organized the interior to work for our needs.

with love,

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