Roman shades are installed & Jude babysits

Carlton Landing Lake House

All of a sudden, we’re well into summer as June is slipping through our fingers.  Memorial Day came and went – we were stuffed to the gills with kids, friends, and one pesky Chihuahua and it’s always fun. Every year at this time, I think back to that first Memorial Day weekend at Carlton Landing, in 2014, an epic mess of flat tires, deflated air mattresses, positive pregnancy tests, dropped furniture, etc. I mean iT WAS A DOOZY, y’all.

We picked Jude up from camp last Friday and he had such an amazing time. I was so weirdly nervous to see him and then at the last minute I wanted to tear through the crowd to get to him. I’m so proud of how independent he was!  After Father’s Day, we packed up in the Volvo and rolled on down to the lake for the week. I was looking forward to hanging with the boys and getting some work done.

Spoiler alert: Rue Magazine is featuring the lake house in the next few weeks and so I wanted to get in to shoot a few more photos. I felt a little rushed with the end of the One Room Challenge so it has been so nice to sit around and putter. That’s really how most of this kind of thing works. I have to sit in a room and feel it out – see where things need to be moved to, see how things come across on camera. It takes longer than I think it will, every single time.

After about 3 days of solid Mommy & Boys time, I was starting to get really wiped out. Archer learned how to climb out of his lake house pack & play that he has always slept in (NOPE! QUIT IT!) and he has been really off schedule. It’s been lots of early mornings, cranky afternoons, etc.   So on Wednesday,  I told Jude that I’d pay him $5 to watch Archer for 30 minutes so I could have some solitude. I’m kind of weird about alone time – it recharges me significantly, and when I go too long without it, I get cranky. This has never been more evident than in my role as mother. Anyway, $5. All he had to do was keep Archer in the living room so I could nap in the upstairs bedroom. No going outside.

Fast forward 25 minutes later. Archer busts into the bedroom and is all “HEYYYYYY GET UP GET UP GET UP LET’S GO SWIMMING” and so I get up and head towards the stairs.

Except… when I stood at the top of the stairs and looked down, there was a poop imprint on each and every single step. EACH ONE OF THEM. The same perfect little poopy smear. HOW DOES THIS EVEN HAPPEN.

Jude is still claiming he has no idea how Archer managed to do this. Oh, and later? I found the poopy diaper floating in the toilet. I mean, I guess we should be grateful that he didn’t try to flush it? (He kept saying “Bye bye, poop!”)

So that’s the last time I ever ask Jude to babysit again. O M G

Here, quick – let’s look at pretty things.

Artwork: Minted’s Play the Day Away.  Safavieh bistro chairs and are good for outdoor use too. Plus they are suuuuper budget friendly.  Tablecloth is old from Target. Green glass vases from Hobby Lobby.

My Roman shades from Loom Decor came in last month and I’m only now getting around to snapping photos of them. I LURRRVE how they turned out. They’re the perfect focal point in the living room. The fabric is Sunbrella’s Lido Stripe in Indigo (and you can have drapes, pillows, tablecloths, poufs, whatever your little heart desires made in it!).

Similar sconces

I could go nuts with roman shades. They are so perfectly tailored and we’ve noticed some serious energy efficiency by having them blackout lined on the side door. I went with privacy lining for these 3 since we don’t get direct sun like we do on that west-facing side door. But nonetheless, they’re perfectly private and functional.

Basketweave garden stool from Hobby Lobby; blue swirl  jar c/o Shop Waiting on Martha.

Nickels: always on alert for pesky cats or the yapping poodle across the way.


Simon arrives later this afternoon, and we’re all breathing a sigh of relief, I think. And could you blame them? Dad is always more fun than Mom!

Ok, promise I’ll be back next week with more goodies and fun finds. This week really kicked my tail!

with love,

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