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On Friday, the demo of our existing patio and yard began. And wow, am I glad for those strong guys pulling out those slabs of concrete. It was a tough job, without a doubt, and worth every penny to hire out for it. They showed up around 9 and I was still in my nightgown so I quickly tossed on a bra and some clothes.  Archer was PSYCHED because now we have legit construction vehicles in the backyard. Nothin’ better than having a bobcat in one’s own backyard.

First they hauled off the rose bushes one by one and then they began tearing out the concrete path in front of the holly bushes. One guy by himself did all the concrete lifting and I was majorly impressed. Then they demo’d the path that leads into the back door, along with the step. Finally, it was au revoir to the poky holly bush that we all despised. FARE THEE WELL, POKY BUSH.

One of the nandinas was moved to its new home so we can prepare to have the path moved to the center from the driveway into the yard.


So we were left with a broad dirt pile where the concrete will soon go and it was so exciting to envision the possibilities. Simon and I moved our patio furniture out onto the dirt and arranged over and over again. It’s going to more than double our outdoor living space.

Aaaand here’s a terrible rendering I made in Illustrator. Perspective drawing is hard, y’all.


Archer is still excited about the bobcat. SO EXCITED. FOUR DAYS WITH A BOBCAT! WHEEEE.

Floorplan showing new patio

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