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I need something new on my nightstand to read. I just wrapped up America’s First Daughter which was an interesting insight into Thomas Jefferson’s daughter who also basically held the role of First Lady during her father’s administration as President.

On the other end of the spectrum, this analysis of Beyonce’s pregnancy photoshoot is giving me life. SO GOOD.

Embellished Jackie Cardigan


This happy sequin embellished Jackie cardigan at J.Crew. I saw it in person at the OKC store and fell madly in love.


Uhhh, Nickels TOTALLY needs this. Although I think he perceives himself as too sophisticated for such a wild print.


Internet, clearly in pop culture years I am way behind the times as I’ve only recently started watching House of Cards. But now I’m officially hooked (I KNOW – SUCH OLD NEWS) and I’ve lassoed Simon into binge watching it with me. Too many late nights — but Kevin Spacey is one of my absolute favorites.



Two things I’m always on the hunt for: a great rich moisturizer and plain lip balm that leaves my lips feeling uber-moisturized. My gold standard, FYI, for both these things are Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Moisturizer 25 SPF and Prada’s lip balm from back in the 2000s (RIP – they were so good, I hoarded boxes from eBay for years). Neither are/were cheap; but the Bobbi Brown moisturizer/SPF combo in particular was a fave because it knocks out 2 birds with one stone. ANYWAY. Glossier’s line of skincare and beauty has been making the editorial rounds, and being the product junkie that I am, I decided it was time to give it a try. I ordered their Rich Priming Moisturizer ($36) and the Balm Dot Com ($12), a universal skin salve that I planned on using primarily as a lip balm. Internet, I tried both and I’m not kidding – I placed another order ten minutes later. It’s that good and the price point makes it ridiculously affordable for how quality they are. In my reorder, I got more of the balm as well as the Milky Jelly Cleanser. My only gripe thus far is that they don’t have any sunscreen yet.


My current favorite perfume is 34 by Diptyque and was gifted to me by S at Christmas. The TSA guy complimented me on it the other day, which obviously isn’t exactly tantamount to praise by Her Majesty The Queen, but still. It’s delish. If you like scents along the line of Tory Burch or Miss Dior, then you’ll probably like this one too.


I’m six weeks into Weight Watchers and totally loving it. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of WW recipes and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. My favorite source is probably Skinnytaste thus far. Any favorites?

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