Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 - colorful instant cameras -

Do you have memories of Polaroid photos when you were a kid? My father in law tells stories of coming home from work when Simon was a baby, and my mother-in-law had a series of Polaroids laid out showing the events of the day. Isn’t that sweet?

As a little girl in the early 1980s, I have a very distinct memory of finding a Polaroid camera in my grandmother’s cabinet and excitedly snapping a few photos and then finding that foil-wrapped pack of unexposed film. Waving them in the air to expose them, I couldn’t wait to see that blown-out image murkily appear.

I haven’t used an instant camera in ages, but I stumbled on these Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 cameras (so many colors!)  at Michael’s last week and promptly ordered one on Amazon (for half the price — sheesh, Michael’s, price gouge much?).  I love the instantaneous delivery of the photo (so necessary in our gimme-it-now world, is it not?) and the parallel slowing-down it requires to shoot an image. No snapsnapsnap of an iPhone where the storage is practically limitless — a film camera requires a certain restraint.

Plus the thing is just so darn cute. When I got it in the mail, I promptly opened it up and loaded the film and called Jude in to watch it spit out the photo. But I had to quickly remind him to shoot wisely… because the film runs out!

Anyway, super fun and I highly recommend getting one to toss in your bag. Besides, when our great grandkids look through old pictures, don’t you think they need some good ol’ Polaroids to peer at?