4th of July & other Carlton Landing shenanigans

archer laundry room

Super late in getting this up about the 4th but didn’t want to let it pass me by. We dashed down on Saturday morning for a long weekend of fireworks, banana cream pie (OMG – I have PERFECTED it) and lazing around on the front porch. Oh, and plenty of swimming. Overall the weekend was more low-key than last year‘s bonanza of hot air balloons, etc.boys room bedroom detail

Since the 4th was a Monday, Carlton Landing pulled together all their events to happen on Friday and Saturday, culminating with what has gotten to be known as The Dads of Carlton Landing pulling together an amazing fireworks display. Seriously – all the dads pile their money together, make a run to the fireworks stand and then they basically play with fire for an hour or so. It’s everything I was raised NOT TO DO. OMG NO NO NO. But the kids and dads LOVE it. And so do the moms, although I know for a fact we’re all gritting our teeth and hoping that nobody blows their head off. At one point there was a moment where somebody set off a giant exploding firecracker that shot right under somebody’s truck. NO. NO. No. In the words of a friend “I have never been so scared and equally so exhilarated.” HA!

I’ve been working on zhushing the bedrooms upstairs. The boys’ room looks so cute and campy right now. boys bedroom overview carlton landing pencil shavings studio

Our bedroom needs a little work. It feels a little blah and juvenile, in my opinion. I want to do a new headboard and a larger dresser at some point to maximize our storage space. Fun fact: neither bedroom has a closet.

2016-07-03 20.00.52

We also had another Boardwalk Dinner – everyone brought a table and chairs and something to share. So fun.2016-07-03 19.59.12

This photo sums up everything about Jude right now: staring intently at basketball cards, rattling off stats.

2016-07-03 19.33.27

Further Dads of Carlton Landing shenanigans: the ultimate water balloon fight. On Sunday at 4, all the kids gathered on Firefly Park and Simon and several other dads organized a pretty spectacular fight. Two thousand(!) water balloons later, the kids were instructed that whoever could pick up the most water balloon trash would receive $20. #brilliant2016-07-03 17.12.32 2016-07-03 17.08.02

More shelf zhushing happenin’ here. So obsessed with these floating shelves. I am so glad we had this little nook converted into a better use of the space.shelves styled carlton landing

Overall, a relaxed and fun weekend filled with friends, fireworks, and food. The triple threat. 😉

2016-07-02 11.14.48

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