I got a bounce house and our A/C died

Internet, this week was a doozy. In an effort to document more everydayness, here’s a roundup of what happened in our lives this week.



Jude started his daycamp at school which lasts through Thursday. I revel in the relative silence of the house, free of the YouTubes. Then I drag myself to counseling to talk about All The Feelings In My Head and the fact that I am a recovering perfectionist who really just needs to let things go. Mantra for the week: It’s Just Dinner.¬†Which makes me think of those ads in in-flight magazines for dating services (“it’s just lunch!”).

Note to self: going to counseling is not unlike going to the gym to visit your personal trainer. I may never have skinny thighs. But I *WILL* have skinny feelings. . . wait, that metaphor doesn’t really work here.


Our babysitter came to watch Arch for the day while I dashed out to do some work, answer emails that are much delayed, etc. I bump into a potential new client and we chitchat briefly. I run other errands before bringing cookies to Simon’s office. We go to a financial planning meeting which is code for Now You Are Really Grown-Ups. It was hard core adulting on that day.


To balance out all the Adulting, I got a bounce house from a friend (same friend who helped me steal the ferris wheel!) who was getting rid of stuff and promptly set it up in the living room. Because why not?! Also it’s sweltering outside. All are enthralled except Nickels who is suspicious.



Goal: go to the grocery store because we don’t even have ramen to get us through the day.
Plan: get in the car after Archer’s morning nap and drive to nearest grocer.
Reality: get in car, drive 500 feet. Feel funny about something. Get out of car and see totally flat tire. Turn around and drive at a snail’s pace and limp into the driveway at home.
Call husband. Wail.
Call AAA. Wail.
Observe AAA tow truck dude putting on spare tire. I am instructed not to drive over 50mph. YAH RIGHT.
Place order online for groceries (should’ve done this to begin with hrmph).
Start umpteenth load of laundry (wonder if maybe this is a heavenly intervention to get me to do the laundry).
Put baby down for a nap. Nephew comes to get car to get tire looked at. Sit on couch for one moment while baby naps and suddenly am asleep.
Wake up feeling kind of sweaty. Huh. That’s weird.
Run to pick up Jude from camp. Pick up groceries. Unload at the house and realize it is REALLY hot at the house. Call husband and wail. Eat dinner, get baby good and tired, visit friends who have new dog and take a quick dip in the pool.
Come home and it is STILL really hot in the house. Ascertain that we have zero air conditioning.
Retrieve already-asleep-baby from crib, drive like crazy to mother-in-law’s house, fall dead asleep into the bed there.


Arise at zero dark o’clock with children. Run home to get Jude ready for camp, pack a hasty non-nutritious lunch. He is wearing the same clothes he slept in. #reallife Babysitter arrives. I am sweating profusely while standing perfectly still. Instruct babysitter to run for her life. Dash out the door to swap cars with nephew who will then get the tire replaced. Borrow nephew’s Prius. Realize that it’s the opposite of fast and that I may die just trying to cross the road. Text nephew at stoplight:



Get hair cut. Get A/C fixed. Pick up lamp that was at repair shop. Dash into cute antique shop. Think about all the furniture in the world I would love to buy. Think about the children and how both really should get to go to college tho.


Dash to post-lunch meeting where we order cookies & milk and have art therapy and talk about proverbial voices in our heads who tell us to do stuff. Clarify that no, I don’t hear actual voices. It was a metaphor.

Run to pick up Jude from camp. Pick up Arch from babysitter who decamped to her house where it’s not Surface of the Sun Degrees. Dash home and set up bounce house outside. Friends come over. We sit outside and watch the kids nearly fly away in the bounce house which I stupidly forgot to nail into the ground. Make a roast chicken for dinner that Jude refuses to eat. Ok, #moreforme.

Falls in a heap into bed. Thankful for air conditioning. Considers reading books. Second guesses this and decides on reading the inside of the eye lids.

The end.


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